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How do i prepare for the Railways Jobs ?

RRB Railway Recruitment Board Exam is one of the Largest Recruiting Organization in India. The exam is conducted for all education sectors from 10th pass to post graduates.
RRB Exam is mainly conducted in various forms and posts some of them are
Check out the RRB NTPC Latest News
from here before starting the preparations
Railway Junior Engineer Exam
Railway Section Engineer Exam
Railway group D Exam
Railway Loco Pilot Exam
Railway Non-Technical Posts Exam rrb exam pattern
rrb exam date
railways Exams

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2 answers

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Venkata Naga Rajesh’s Answer

Its great career choice to choose, Railways in India is considered to be the largest network in the world. Before you start preparation, look out carefully for the Job notifications.

  1. Consider your eligibility for the posts, pick the selected job notifications that interests you and apply
  2. Carefully understand the syllabus and examination pattern
  3. You can either opt for self-study (lot of study and practise material are available these days) or attend a coaching institute if you need one
  4. Practise is the most important ingredient you cant miss in your preparation, the better you practise the best you can perform in the exam. It also teaches you time management
  5. Self evaluate the areas you need to focus and plan further.

Venkata Naga Rajesh recommends the following next steps:

check eligibility and apply for selective posts that interest you
Understand Syllabus and Exam pattern
Practise make you perfect
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Narayan’s Answer

Dear Rahul,

I completely agree with whatever Rajesh suggested.

Railways, being a government organization, ensures job security and also constant pension after retirement. So, this is a really great career choice.

In addition to whatever has been mentioned, I would request you to hone you General Knowledge and stay updated with the current affairs.

All the best for the exam!

Best Regards,


Narayan recommends the following next steps:

If you have a smart phone, then there are several apps for RRB exams.
Reading the newspaper everyday will be of great help.