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Technical Consulting Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Rahul May 24, 2018 568 views

How do i prepare for the Railways Jobs ?

RRB Railway Recruitment Board Exam is one of the Largest Recruiting Organization in India. The exam is conducted for all education sectors from 10th pass to post graduates. RRB Exam is mainly conducted in various forms and posts some of them are Check out the RRB NTPC Latest News from here...

Simran’s Avatar
Simran Dec 06, 2018 630 views

I dnt want manths is 11 wat combination cn i take

#math #math i dnt want maths in my 11 wat combination cn i take

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gidien Apr 01, 2019 668 views

What is a typical day like

Athletes and Sports Competitors #sports #athletics

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Fernanda Jun 27, 2018 644 views

What steps and classes does it take to be a technology teacher?

I want to be a tecnology teacher when I grow up so I want to know what steps and classes it takes. #technology #teacher #technology-education #stem

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Nikita Aug 08, 2018 896 views

How do I become a part of the space industry?

Hi. I am a computer engineer from India. I have always wanted to make a career in astronomy/space. I am aware there are basically two paths: The phd path through which I become an astronomer but working in academia doesn't attract me so much, I am also aware that there aren't many positions...