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On average, what is a good number of internships a college student should recorve during their time in undergraduate studies?

I am happily starting my first internship this summer, which is the first summer after my completed freshman year of college. I am just wondering how often should I be looking out for scholarships, where I can use my networking skills to help benefit my future as a person working in the health professions. #internship

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Austin’s Answer

Hi Amyah,

Awesome question!! Internships are incredibly beneficial to building your skills and a career so it is really great to hear that you are getting your first internship this summer. I had three internships during my time in college and not only were they some of the best memories that I made during college, but they are largely responsible for where I am at right now in my life. They taught me valuable skills, valuable things about what I liked, valuable things about what I did not like, and gave me material that I was able to put down on my resume. To address your question of "How many internships should I complete during my time in undergrad", I would say that it depends. It is hard to say that X number of internships is good but that Y number of internships is bad and that you will be doomed to failure. I would say that the more internships the better, but don't do internships just for the sake of internships. They should be of quality, of relevance, and should teach you a new skill. An internship where you learn nothing is simply a waste of time and prevents you from doing something more productive with your time.

I strongly recommend doing more than 1 at a minimum and I will tell you why. I have a friend who I interned with overseas with the Department of State. It was a great internship and I learned a lot. He got a little complacent and thinking that one high-profile internship was enough, decided that that's all he would do. While he was correct in that it was a great internship, he was wrong to stop looking for the next opportunity. By the time it came for him to graduate he had one great internship but not a lot of work experience and to this day he is still looking for a full time job (It's be two years). I am not telling you this story not to scare you, just to emphasize that you should always be looking for opportunities. If you find a great internship that you have time for then definitely apply. Neither overburden yourself with internships nor sit back and relax. Quality over quantity is also important so please keep that in mind as well.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!