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i am searching college for engineering in civil or computer in US and i am from nepal with medium economy


i am from nepal and wants to know how can i join engineering in US and i am from medium economy family .. can i actually afford there by doing side job if available #engineer #consulting

2 answers

Steve’s Answer

Updated Haddonfield, New Jersey

Working and going to school at the same time can be tough. But, if you apply to some schools, they might be able to help you with grant and scholarship money. Money can be given based on need and/or good grades. The financial aid office of the college would be able to tell you wait applications you need to complete.

Good Luck!

Garrett’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I recommend looking into universities in Canada. The quality of education from a university like the University of Waterloo or University of Toronto is comparable to top schools in the US, but at a fraction of the cost. Another benefit of the University of Waterloo is their co-op program. All engineering students get six 4-month work terms, where you can learn valuable work experience and earn money at the same time (an average of $50,000 to $90,000 over six work terms). The result is that you leave university with an impressive resume and very little student debt, especially compared to students in the US.

Here's a link for more info about the co-op program.