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Are working long hours worth the excellent pay doctors receive?

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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

This is question that will change with each person you ask. Most doctors do not become a doctor for the pay; there are plenty of jobs that pay more than being a physician with less schooling. I have always wanted to be a physician because I want to be able to help people during their most vulnerable times. The pay is a benefit, but not why I wanted to be a doctor. Also, some physicians work many more hours than others, depending on specialty. If you are interested in health care, you should be ok with working many hours, and long hours. It is just part of the job :) I hope this helps.

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Austin’s Answer

Hi Jasmine,

Great question. While I am not a doctor, as a consultant I work long hours compared to most other people (usually work anywhere from 50-60 hours a week). While yeah sure I am financially compensated well, that is not my motivation for working the long hours. If money is your only driver in a job you are going to burn out really quickly. It may motivate you at first, but at a certain point you are going to hate going to work even if you are making a boat-load of money. Showing up to work to collect a pay check can be seen in a person because those people are often not motivated and are not high performers.

Are long hours as a doctor worth the pay, I guess. But in all honesty, everyone is different. If you are unable to have balance in your life due to the long hours money isn't something that can fix that. Your relationships with people may be strained by your long hours and you can't really throw money at a relationship. Sure it may help to be able to take your friends out to dinner, but money can't balance your life.

Also, try not to look at your long work day as laborious. If you enjoy work and all that comes with it, then you end up being paid handsomely to do something that you love!!

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.