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How many years did it take for you to realize you wanted to become a doctor?

I am in 10th grade. Some people tell me that I should know what I want to do in my future. Some people tell me not to rush things. I want to know how long it took you to realize this is what you actually wanted to do. #doctor #medicine #healthcare

Thank you comment icon This is absolutely one of the best questions I've ever read. Akshat Pradhan

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1 answer

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Akshat’s Answer

I'm writing on behalf of a physician:

Good question. This is different for
everyone. I definitely suggest you
don't rush. You should explore options
in college because its the most
important time of your life. It's
actually ok not to know for awhile.
There are many people doing different
things between college and med school.
In reality, you don't HAVE to go to
med school right after college.
I, personally, knew I wanted to be a physician at the age of 10.
I kind of wish I hadn't decided that early and
I wish I had explored other options in college.
However, today, I absolutely love what I do.