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Should I do a sport in College?

I heard that doing a sport in college is really intense. I am on my school's swim team and I'm not good but not bad either. I mostly do it for fun. Would joining a swim team in college be worth it? #sports #swim #college #athlete #athletics #college-athlete

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2 answers

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Danielle’s Answer

Hi Anthony,

Doing a sport in college is a lot of work, but they have a lot of support systems in place for athletes. Special academic advisor/counselors. Some schools do mandatory study hours where all athletes report to study in x place for x number of hours daily. Those study hours often have tutors present for questions. Depending on the school, there might be scholarships associated with swimming or other sports.

As far as time, it's going to be quite a bit, probably going to be practicing twice a day leading up to and during the season, you'll travel a lot, etc.

Worth it? The best answer is "it depends". If you do it for fun, will it continue to be fun if you have to put a lot more time into it? If you're interested in the scholarships and extra help than I would suggest you look at the swim programs at schools you're interested in, see what is offered, and evaluate if that would be amenable to your goals.

I would chat with your coach and see if they know people in any schools/programs who could give you more information. It's good to use your resources/network.

Danielle recommends the following next steps:

Search 3 swim programs at schools you'd be interested in attending

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Patrick’s Answer

College sports are great for getting to know new people and continuing to do what you love, however they ask a lot of you for early morning or late night practices to constant travel for games, but the experience is one of a kind if you have good time management skills, then you should definitely become a college athlete