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I don't know what to minor in, what can I minor in?

Updated Red Oak, Texas

I'm planning to major in biology, although I don't know what to minor in. I love medicine, especially like helping people, I want to become a doctor of some sort but I don't know what kind of doctor. #pre-med #biology #doctor

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Karen’s Answer

Updated Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Search your college's website for the Undergraduate Course Catalog (or just course catalog). This document should list all minors that the college offers and the requirements needed to achieve that minor (which courses and in some cases what GPA is needed).

Speak with your academic advisor or a professor you really like to see what minors they suggest given your goals. I would imagine that another related field like chemistry or psychology would apply, but also consider some other topics such as computer science or mathematics. Computer Science can lead to more technology-related jobs in healthcare which are on the rise. Mathematics shows that you can solve problems.

Take a look at the requirements and what you have completed already. For example if you were required to take Calculus I and Calculus II for your major, you may find that you already have a good percentage of the Mathematics minor completed. Look for any overlapping and check with your academic advisor about best tactics to complete a minor with the courses you have remaining. If there is enough space and enough overlap, you could potentially get a dual minor.

Karen recommends the following next steps:

  • Find out what minors are offered (look in the course catalog)
  • Speak with your academic advisor and/or a professor you like