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What are employers loking for in a person that is not academiclly related? What life skills should you share that you learned in college or learned elsewhere??

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Hi Stella: I have a short list of things that employers are looking for that do not relate to academics: ** Be on time, even better, be a few minutes early to ALL of your appointments / meetings. ** Appearance. Look neat, professional, and ready. Dress appropriately for the job... like you want the job. ** Communication. Written and verbal. Speak up, be clear, be heard. Look at people in the eye. Be confident. ** Attitude. A positive attitude that is infectious and brings out the best in others. ** Teamwork. Be able to work with and network with others at ALL levels. From the CEO to the wonderful people in the mailroom. Everyone has an important job. Everyone deserves respect. ** Work Ethic and Commitment to the job. Roger Hancock

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2 answers

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Luke’s Answer

Many companies/recruiters utilize a means of scanning resumes/filtering for applicants above a certain GPA threshold. Once you are above this GPA threshold you'll often be given an interview assuming your resume is well put together. This is when you're evaluated on "who you are" which is determined through conversation. Practice talking or getting interviewed at your local career center or with friends. Learn what is appropriate to discuss and when. Some things that are worth discussing include any key skills you developed in school (time management by working and studying, leadership in a group or club, a new language that you might have developed after studying abroad, etc). Also, be sure to be familiar with the Company you're applying for as discussing the industry or recent trends during the interview or discussion might make you appear to be qualified and engaged.

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Amy’s Answer

Hi Stella, i would say i was surprise to knew that many companies take a lot of interest on your communications skills, how you talk, how you deal with stressful situations and mainly your actual capability to be empathic.

Also I found that they notice your values, companies want to hire people that connect with their own mission and vision so be aware that every action you make during a panel or in an interview is being evaluated.