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Should I go to a college that isn't as well know, but offers a lot of money in terms of scholarships, or go to a high ranking college that barely offers anything?

Asked Manlius, New York

2 answers

Roxie’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Choose the one that best suites you by degree programs, location, and which school offers you the best peace of mind. The offerings are a plus but if you’re not comfortable there, they won’t matter. Good luck!

Barbara’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

A degree from a prominent university certainly can't hurt, and it can open up doors in some circles. But honestly, once you're in the workforce for several years, it likely won't ever come up. (This likely varies per industry.) I can't remember the last time someone inquired about which college I attended... What really starts to matter is how you work, the results you deliver, the network you build, and the experience you gain.

Research shows that, long-term, an expensive well-known college may not be worth it: https://www.fool.com/careers/2017/08/27/is-an-ivy-league-degree-worth-it-in-the-job-market.aspx

There are so many good schools (both ivy league and otherwise) -- don't get hung up on name. You really can't go wrong if you follow your passion and find a university program that offers the coursework you need and meshes with your personal learning style. Good luck!