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How do Kids going to college now keep a work/life/school balance?

Asked Bartlett, Illinois

Does anyone have stories of them pushing the limit has that helped you find balance? #stress

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Jennifer’s Answer


It certainly is difficult to juggle so many responsibilities. My suggestion when it comes to finding balance between work, your studies, is keeping a To-Do list. From my experience, a visual task list that you can cross out throughout the day will allow you to focus, stay on track with your duties, along with maintaining a schedule.  It is stressful to have so much on your plate, ensure to give yourself some time to de-compress from daily stressors, maybe you like to get out and run/walk?  Go out with your friends occasionally, make sure you maintain a support system, whether it be from friends and or family, it's definitely helpful!

Good luck to you!

Chankey’s Answer



Keeping a balance in life is very simple. what i have seen with my life and my friends life is that when we are at that age we miss out on the basics because we do not have a mentor who helps us to maintain that balance. I have faced the problem and learned from it and i try to advise students and fix their problems.

The very first thing for students is to prioritize their tasks. When you are a student your primary goal is to study and study hard to stay at the top, you do not have to worry about earning money or jobs. But if you are doing a part time job to live with an earning then things will be a little different, i will talk that a little later.

I did my bachelors degree in Engineering. I never had a mentor who could teach me on how to handle studies and life, let me try to give you what i missed.

Always try to complete your daily chapters on time, what you learn in the classroom come home and revise it once, this helps you to understand the topic and you don't have to stress too much during exam time.

Eat your meals on time, never miss a meal. Avoid alcohol as much as you can. Never smoke, smoking makes your brain smaller and you will become dumb. Do not masturbate frequently, if you get addicted to it, you will repent later.

Spend time with family and have good friends around. talk about healthy things which are productive. Play sports, get a hobby. respect your parents, call them everyday if you stay away from them.

Lets assume you are a day scholar and not doing a part time job. I will write down points which i believe will help (accepting it is upto the reader)

Chankey recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a schedule of your daily tasks
  • Prioritize the tasks based on the need of the hour. Plan your after school time with focus on how much time you should commit for each subject/assignment. Regular 2 hours of dedicated time should be spent on the study table.
  • Avoid the cell phone during your study time. Accept only important calls. Checking the phone not only wastes your time but also diverts your mind and you tend to forget things which was studied.
  • Do not miss your meals. eat on time and sleep on time, do not stay awake past 12 midnight.
  • Take up a hobby. hobbies help in building a healthy mind. Play a lot of sports too. I like playing chess and cricket. Love the people who loves you. Spend time with family. a strong relationship with family makes you a better human being.