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What kind of careers will be available to me with a degree in Gender & Sexuality studies?

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I'm passionate about my intended major and would love to devote my life to activism and fighting for what's right. What kind of careers will my degree be good for? #majors #careers

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Sheryl’s Answer


Hi Lilly,

There will be SO many options available to you. Social Sciences (Psychology, Social Work, Counseling) are the first area that come to mind. There are also possibilities in the Medical field. My suggestion would be to start thinking about the type of organization you would like to work for, such as Corporate, Non-Profit, Government, Education, or... perhaps thinking about self-employment. You could end up with your own practice, or be a hired consultant for organizations. Perhaps even consider becoming a professional speaker.

Sheryl recommends the following next steps:

  • Research your options... Online is good, but you are limited by your searches. I recommend physically going to the local library (old school, but it works). Librarians are trained to assist with career choices and the entire realm of related research. You will be surprised!
  • You may want to find a mentor in this area. Ask someone you admire. No one will accept this responsibility if you do not make your request to them.