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What college should i go to if I want to be a Nurse?

I like to save people's lives what college would be the best if you want to be a Nurse? #nurse #hospital #college #nursing

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Kevin’s Answer


Hope you are doing well. Before we go into which college you should be applying to, a few questions to answer:

Where would you like to attend college? I see you are from Texas. Do you want to stay in Texas or are you looking outside of the Texas?

Are you interested in a small (less than 3000 students), mid-size (3,001 - 8,000 students), large (8,001-14,000) or more than 14,000 students?

How are your academics (SAT/ACT/GPA)? Those marks will help you craft your list.

Once those questions are answered, we will begin to start to search for institutions.


Kevin Maccarella