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What are the most popular majors? Why are they so popular?

What are the fastest growing majors; why are they becoming so popular? #job-search

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2 answers

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Ben’s Answer

Hey Jared,

The most popular majors vary every few years, but according to National Center of Education Statistics business, health professions and related fields, social sciences and history, psychology, biological/biomedical sciences, engineering, visual and performing arts, and education rank as the top 8 major choices.

Popularity of these majors deals in part to the number of factors including the number of colleges/universities offering these programs, career/financial prospects, personal interests, and ease of completion.

If you're trying to find a major - pick something of interest and see if you find success in the class and the interest continues. If not, no worries - a large portion of undergraduate students switch majors during school in an effort to find the right match.

Hope this helps!


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Rebecca’s Answer

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing majors, which makes sense considering rising demand (more job opportunities!) and how dang cool it is (if you love math and puzzles!). Definitely worth taking a class to explore!