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What was the hardest thing to overcome in college

I want to go to a community college first then transfer to a four year university which is very ideal and undoubtedly cheaper but overall I am worried that I’m looking in one direction but the real obstacle I should be worried about is being ignored. I’m just wondering if there’s more to look at than the debt or academics? If it helps, my top three choices are University of North Georgia, Kennesaw State, and Columbus State University #colleges #obstacles

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3 answers

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Candi’s Answer

This is a very good question to ask!   College can be daunting and a little overwhelming - especially at the University level.  When I was your age I went full steam ahead to university without consideration for whether I was ready for the University life, moving away from home, or what costs I would face beyond tuition and books.  Along the way, and looking back now, I wish I had given more thought to college before actually embarking on it.  Truthfully, my only plan was to get a degree.  I have friends and family who were more thoughtful in high school and ended up better educated, more well rounded and more confident about their abilities to handle life's challenges.

In addition to cost and academics, do you know what jobs or experiences you want to get after your degree?   This could help you craft a vision of what e specific experiences you want to get while still in school (internships, volunteering, studying abroad)?  Do you want to work and save money during community college?  Doing so may enable you to gain experience and save money so you don't have to work when you are at University (which in turn could enable you to do more to participate in campus activities).  College is not just an academic learning experience, it is also a place you learn many life lessons and build relationships that will (hopefully) last your lifetime.  Visit the Universities you are interested in, multiple times, and speak with students there to understand what they like, don't like, wish they knew before they started.  You'd be amazed at the insight you can gain from someone who is only a few years ahead of you.  Good luck!

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Sierra’s Answer

Hey Bavi-

I think the hardest thing for me to overcome during college was setting your own schedule and deciding how to prioritize your time. Instead of having each class every day, you may only have a class 2-3 times a week. This makes your schedule much more flexible, which in turn means you need to be on top of your work and get things done without endlessly putting them off!

Making your own schedule is also one of the best parts of college , as you are free to go hang out with friends, join clubs, and just do whatever you want. I think finding the balance between managing this flexible lifestyle for the first time, and still taking time to study and get things done is one of the more challenging aspects of college life.

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Shamima’s Answer

Time management I think was hard in college and will continue to a challenge moving forward so getting that done early is key. You no longer have someone telling you when you need to be somewhere and how long and no one is calling your parents if you don't show up. Being able to manage your own time, plan out when you study/sleep/eat/class/have a social life will be important and make you more successful.