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As a transfer student what can I do to improve and add to my college applications that aren't good grades or internships?

To help boost their college applications, many strive for good grades or apply for internships but in addition to those, what can I do to help boost my application? #applications

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Lauren,

That's a great question! It really depends on what type of program you plan on transferring into. If you are looking at nursing programs, for example, you may want to have some nurse job-shadowing experience under your belt.

However, transfer students are often evaluated differently than first-time freshmen in the admissions process (since you've already demonstrated you can handle college-level coursework) so the pressure to "pad" your college application with volunteer experiences, internships, and extra-curriculars isn't as important. What's more important is that you review which of the credits you've taken and ensure they will transfer into the program you're interested in at the new college/university.

Hope this helps!

Sarah recommends the following next steps:

Review transfer requirements for your Top 3 colleges.

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