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what schools do you recommend for engineering

Updated Burlingame, California

i am in 6th grade and i have been interested in engineering since 5th grade because i love technology,construction together they can be good for engineering #college #engineering

4 answers

Shannon’s Answer

Updated Tallahassee, Florida
Hi Bryan, It's great that you're already making a plan for your future. A good engineering school depends on which major in engineering you plan to study. So that should be your first step. Ask your guidance counselors, teachers, family about the different types of engineering to find which one you would be most interested in. If you can, also do some research on the internet yourself about which field of study would fit you best. After you narrow down which type of engineer you'd like to be you can look at colleges for that specific engineering program. Here is a good and trusted website for finding colleges. https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/engineering The "Best" school isn't only the one with the highest score. It also depends on what would be best for you specifically. Look at location, programs, cost, and other things. Pick several colleges you'd dream of graduating from and work at it throughout middle school and high school. Best of luck!

Herman’s Answer

Updated California, California
Bryan, You're so young and you're looking into schools already? wow! That's dedication! Since you are in Burlingame, some good engineering schools near you are UC Berkeley and Stanford. Good luck!

Luis D.’s Answer

Updated Puerto Rico

If you love construction then Civil Engineering is the first choice. Those are the ones in charge of making sure buildings get made correctly.

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Brayan, you are still a bit too young to discuss schools. Now, I want you research engineering major and find the one that speaks to you. Then, you can start looking schools.