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Irma A. Apr 22, 2014 1253 views

What are some of the majors that people who are interested going into the medical field should do?

I am a High School student, and I am interested in going into the medical field, but I was not sure what those majors should be? #doctor #medicine #health #majors...


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Jason C. Mar 23, 2015 2075 views

I want to take the SAT Physics subject test. What should I study?

I am currently taking Physics as a junior. I do pretty well in the class. However, I don't know if I should wait until my senior year after I have taken AP Physics or take it this junior year. I have seem the practice questions on the AP central college board website and they seem pretty...

#physics #sat #school

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Lesly M. Mar 23, 2015 1086 views

What kinds of engineers are there and how do they differ?

I am curious to know the kinds of things that different engineers do, like electrical and mechanical. I am curios to know what they do in general and how their majors differ. #science #electrical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015 846 views

What types of careers branch out from biology?

I am a senior in high school and know for a fact I have a passion for biology but I am interested in knowing possibilities that follow that. #biology #biomedical...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015 641 views

What is a day as a biomedical engineering like?

I am interested in biology and medicine and was curious to see what a "typical" day is like. I understand that perhaps no two days are the same but maybe something general will still be helpful #biology...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015 623 views

Is there a difference between a bio-medical engineer and bio medicine?

I am quite interested in biology and medicine and am just curious to see which would be the best fit for me and generally how they compare or contrast to each other. #biology #biomedical...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015 570 views

. What education requirements, college degrees, licenses are needed for a person in bio-medicine?

It is something I have a great passion for and was curious to see what I would have to go through. #biology...


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Darlyn P. May 04, 2015 608 views
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Wilma C. May 06, 2015 597 views

How Is college different from high school based on classes and the work assigned?

I am a junior and I was wondering how high school differed from college based on the level of work and flexibility...


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Jaime P. May 06, 2015 489 views
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Ricardo A. May 06, 2015 1541 views

What SAT Subject should you take for a Electrical Engineering major?

Im asking this question because I want to major in a career of Electrical Engineering...


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Jose L. Jun 04, 2015 736 views

What's college life for engineers?

I want to become a Techincal Engineer but I'm not sure about academics. For example what classes do I take? How tough are those classes? How many years in college total? #engineering #colleges...


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Martin J. Jun 04, 2015 2121 views

How hard is it to start a career in civil engineering?

I'm a senior in high school and about to attend Seattle University to pursue a degree in civil engineering. How challenging is it to start a career right out of college? #college #engineering...


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Jeremy D. Jun 04, 2015 970 views

What does being a Biomedical Engineer consist of?

I'm a freshman in high school and I love math, science, and anything STEM related. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet but multiple types of engineering keep popping up. I want to find out what Biomedical Engineers and any other engineering careers consist of when it comes to actually...

#biomedical-engineering #biomedical #engineering #petroleum

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Jasmine Nichole R. Jun 23, 2015 767 views

Is there any specific sets of skills do I need to be qualified as an engineer?

I really am hoping to be an aerospace engineer and want to know if I got what it takes. I am skilled with my hands and math is fairly easy to me, sure a bit challenging but a lot of fun. #college #engineer #aerospace...