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Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Sep 04, 2018 833 views

What education is required to become a Nurse?

What kind of degree or education do I need to become a Nurse #nurse

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Sep 04, 2018 648 views

What is the salary of a scrub nurse?

#scrubnurse #nursing

Rayden’s Avatar
Rayden Sep 04, 2018 814 views

What is the average pay for jobs in Massachusetts?

I plan to move to Massachusetts for the college that I wish to go to. I plan to go to college and get my Bachelors Degree. If I wanted a starter job in the medical field, what would be the average pay in Massachusetts?
#job #Salary

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Sep 04, 2018 631 views

I really want to be a Registered Nurse. What college would be good for me?

I want to go to a college close to home so I can become a # #nurse and still be close to my family. Also, I'm looking for the best option.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Sep 04, 2018 664 views

Average Salary in IT?

I´ll need $ for rent. #financial-planning

Chantella’s Avatar
Chantella Jan 16, 2018 678 views

How can i find a job in the nursing filed after college #lovenursing #loveofmedicine

I need to fine a job in my filed of study. #nursing #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Aug 07, 2018 693 views

What are the best tips for upcoming freshman in college?

Tips to help freshman enjoy their first year in college. #CollegeFreshman

Sairam’s Avatar
Sairam May 10, 2016 1305 views

what is genetic engineering?

I want to know more about genetic engineering. #engineer #teaching #teacher #professor #science #career #career-counseling

Kaylynn’s Avatar
Kaylynn May 18, 2016 1480 views

What types of careers could be pursued with a major in neurobiology?

This is a new major at the college I will be attending, and I am interested in the nervous system, and wondering what careers could be pursued with this major. #neuroscience #neurology #science #higher-education #biology

azra’s Avatar
azra May 18, 2016 1278 views

How do I become an engineer?

I'm interested in becoming an engineer. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #science #career

Armani’s Avatar
Armani May 23, 2016 923 views

What jobs are offered in the Marine Science field?

I am majoring in marine science. #college #graduate #job-skills #marine-biology #biology #science

John’s Avatar
John Sep 22, 2017 1115 views

How did you get your job as an architectural engineer?

I am working towards getting a degree in architectural engineering and was wondering how you go around getting a job in such a field
#architectural-engineer #architecture #engineering

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Sep 01, 2017 899 views

How does one find a job as a marine biologist?

I'm going to school for marine biology. #marinebiology #biology

Mackayla’s Avatar
Mackayla Sep 01, 2017 1019 views

As someone that is undecided about what to study in college, what tips are there for finding an interest that balances personal happiness and economic confort?

This question is incredibly important to me because it addresses my largest concern, not just in terms of post-secondary education, but for life in general. As a naturally indecisive person, I perform well academically in all classes, but no colleges or majors have stricken me as "the one."...

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 27, 2015 1165 views

what schools do you recommend for engineering

i am in 6th grade and i have been interested in engineering since 5th grade because i love technology,construction together they can be good for engineering #college #engineering