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How do I become an engineer?

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

I'm interested in becoming an engineer. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #science #career

3 answers

Shannon’s Answer

Updated Tallahassee, Florida
Hi Azra, To become an engineer first narrow down which discipline you'd be interested in. Here is a website that gives overview of the different types. Read through them and decide which sounds most interesting to you and your specific strengths. https://typesofengineeringdegrees.org/ From there it will be beneficial to attend a college that has a strong and well ranked program for that specific major of engineering. USNews.com is a trusted resource for researching information about potential colleges that you'd want to attend. The link below if for example and shows the best overall Engineering programs. You can also specify by major to see which programs are the best. https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/engineering-doctorate Once you pick a specific field, a few schools that you want to apply to, then go to each college's official website and look for their Students section to learn more about the school, program, application process, etc. Work hard to build up your grades, test scores, and resume so that any college and job would be eager to have you. Good luck!

Cheryl’s Answer

Updated Ypsilanti, Michigan
To make getting an engineering degree affordable get as many AP credits as you can in high school and then go to a community college to fill out the basic requirements. You do need to make sure the 4 year college you pick takes the credits from that community college first however. Then apply to the college (many first year students drop out and so colleges are looking to fill junior level spots). Be sure to go on coop or get internships at least twice. You need to build your work resume as well as your schooling resume by the time you are ready to graduate. Take computer classes such as Python. Matlab is taught in many engineering classes already. Check to see what other programs are used in the working world. Good luck!

Glenn’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Ezra, to become an engineer it starts with a passion for math and physical science. In high school, take classes at the highest level of classes available for both. If there are classes in robotics or programming, these are also useful. Look for hobbies or extra curricular activities that allow you to explore these areas.

Engineering is very broad, so selecting the discipline to nice, but not required. If you, your counselor, parent, or friends parents know any engineers, set up some time to talk with them about what they do and why they like it.

Glenn recommends the following next steps:

  • Take the right classes in high school. Trig, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry
  • If available, take classes in technical drawing, robotics, computer programming
  • Find extracurricular programs that align with engineering
  • Find working engineers and set up time to discuss their career