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Cheryl Caffrey

Mechanical Engineer at US EPA NVFEL
Government Administration
Ypsilanti, Michigan
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azra’s Avatar
azra May 18, 2016 957 views

How do I become an engineer?

I'm interested in becoming an engineer. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #science #career

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 01, 2016 2024 views

How important are grades/GPA for pursuing mechanical engineering?

As a junior, I know that I have to keep my grades up high for college admissions offices, but I was just wondering how it will look if I say I want to pursue mechanical engineering? Do my grades/GPA have to be really exceptional or something? #mechanical-engineering #college-admissions #advice...

Alfie’s Avatar
Alfie Mar 26, 2014 13292 views

What should I minor in if I major in mechanical engineering?

I am a high school senior and I am thinking about majoring in mechanical engineering. #college #engineering #career #college-major #mechanical-engineer #college-minor

Jordi’s Avatar
Jordi Mar 03, 2016 934 views

Where can mechanical Engineering take me in college and in the future?

Hi am a current high school student who has been accepted to college for this fall and I was wondering based on my intrest on mechanical engineering I was thinking what kind of careers could come out of mechanical engineering and the benefits that one gets out of it. As my interest grows and...

Iman’s Avatar
Iman Mar 02, 2016 866 views

What is the best path to take after college ie, take a break, continue to go to school, get a job? I am wondering because I don't want to go to college if I don't use all of my skills I learned in college.

I am wondering because I don't want to go to college if I don't use all of my skills. I want to be able to have time to myself, yet be productive. #hobbies

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Nov 05, 2015 18018 views

Does it cost money to become a mechanical engineer?

how much money would it be to b a mechanical engineer? #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer