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Tallahassee, Florida

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Dani’s Avatar
Dani Sep 10, 2023 261 views

What is the path I need to take post-secondary for a career in hematology ?

There’s really no obvious path because, at least to my knowledge, getting on the specific track comes after graduate school in either residency or something else.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 06, 2023 473 views

How can I learn more about accounting in easy, around-my-city ways?

How can I learn more about accounting in easy, around-my-city ways?

dylan’s Avatar
dylan Aug 22, 2023 558 views

how do I stand out if I want to go to film school?

hi I'm a freshman in high school and when I'm older r I want to be a director.what should I do to help me become prepared and to stand out to the film school I want to go to, and how do I find out if this is really what I want to do.

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Jul 10, 2023 332 views

How do I get an internship ?

How do I get an internship in computer science?

Amaris’s Avatar
Amaris Jun 06, 2023 241 views

How do you start a small business?

I would like to start a small business so that I can have a source of income when I move out but I'm not exactly sure how I should go about setting it up or what needs to be done before I launch the business.

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Mar 03, 2023 374 views

What is the best way to show you have a skill in one area when you don't have proof of work in that area but you have done it as volunteering?

I did a volunteer weekend of sales for over 10 hours a days and all places I have tried applying for need proof of former work. What should I do?

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Mar 03, 2023 341 views

How do I decide what collages are best for me? ?

I already plan for trying to get in to UF but I know I need backup schools I just don't know what school I should choose and how to know if it's a good backup school.

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Jan 03, 2023 942 views

Preparing for LSAT

What are the best books to get to prepare for the LSAT? What are the best ways to prepare for it?

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Jan 01, 2023 543 views

What should I do ?

To become a criminal defense attorney, I am currently studying criminal justice and was studying psych. However, I am dropping psych since they are so closely related. I was advised to do either Business Management, Accounting, or a science. I am awful at math and always have been. What...

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Dec 31, 2022 405 views

What advice would be given ?

I am double majoring in psych and criminal justice. However, in terms of becoming a lawyer, could I with these majors? How hard is it to become a defense attorney? I am exploring my options.

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Dec 31, 2022 4218 views

What degrees should I get for a criminal psychologist?

Im struggling with what I want to do but I know I want to do something with criminals and their behavior.

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Dec 31, 2022 442 views

What should I get my masters in?

Right now I am in a joint program for psychology and criminal justice and am having a hard time deciding what path I should get my masters in. I am interested in criminal behavior and want to become a criminal psychologist but i am unsure.

Cyon’s Avatar
Cyon Jul 18, 2022 793 views

Consulting Case Question - College Junior

Hi there! My names Cyon and I'm a rising college junior at FAMU. I wanted to ask what resources are available for generating case experience for consulting in the finance area as well as Deals and Mergers and Acquisitions?

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Nov 09, 2020 570 views

Does anyone know of good virtual volunteering opportunities?

Hello, I am 19 years old and getting ready to apply for my schools nursing program and I really need some volunteering on my resume. If anyone knows of any opportinities, that would be great! Thank you. #nursing

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Mar 08, 2019 706 views

What is it like being a lawyer and what school things do you need to learn

It would be helpful to know subjects and tests and test scores. #lawyer #testing #college-admissions

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