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Average Salary in IT?

Asked Versailles, Indiana

I´ll need $ for rent. #financial-planning

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Shannon’s Answer

Updated Tallahassee, Florida

Hi Joseph,

A good resource for checking salary expectation is glassdoor.com. Here's a broad example of IT in Indianapolis. You can further add more specific options to fine tune it or check in other cities/job titles, etc.


I do have to say though that the major decision maker for a career should not be salary. Of course it is important but you can find stories of people not liking their job and a high salary not being worth the unhappiness. There's a reason that there is a saying "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

Realistically for many millennials with student loans to pay back, a strong salary is important but remember that a working career is commonly 30+ years so balance long term plans as well. 

Fortunately the IT field is a large, diverse, and growing field so there will be opportunities to find something you enjoy, you're good at, and provides well. Stay positive!