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How can i find a job in the nursing filed after college #lovenursing #loveofmedicine

I need to fine a job in my filed of study. #nursing #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Hi Chantella! I think part of your question was answered here: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/32012/how-hard-is-it-to-find-a-job-in-nursing Abby Lupi

Hi Chantella, first you have to decide what specialty you want to practice in once you graduate. A lot of place are eager to hire new grads. Good luck. Angela R.

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2 answers

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Shelley’s Answer

Chantella, Usually the college helps place new nurses. Have your classmates found a job? Do their units need more nurses? Ask around and let them know you are looking, then the nursing manager can keep a look out for your application after you apply on the hospital's website.

If you are open to it, walk into a nursing home and tell the front desk you would like to talk to some one about the open nursing position (there is always an opening). You may get hired right then.

Lastly, set up a LinkedIn account with your graduation information and make note that you are actively looking for a position. I guarantee you will be contacted by recruiters.

Indeed.com is a great place to upload your resume and look for jobs.

Remember you are an asset healthcare is looking for, you will get matched up. Good luck!

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Shannon’s Answer

Hi Chantella,

To add to what Abby and the contributors in the other question are saying, check with your college's student job center if there is one. Many colleges do have one as a resource for graduating seniors to help find jobs, help with mock interviews, resume and cover letter recommendations, etc. There are also resources online that help with the same things if your college doesn't have a dedicated student job center.

For your field of Nursing there are opportunities as local hospitals. If you're interested in that type of job you can research and contact hospitals in your area for job opening that may fit you.

There are also many online job boards which can help you find a career. Below is one example of www.Indeed.com with a simple search for nursing. You can research and narrow done by your location that you want, years of experience, job responsibility etc.


Most of the friends I have that became RNs did some sort of in-hospital training or rotation as part of their classes. If you did something similar then those businesses would be a good place to start as you already have a foot in the door with them, and they know your work ethic.

Good luck!