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What types of careers could be pursued with a major in neurobiology?

This is a new major at the college I will be attending, and I am interested in the nervous system, and wondering what careers could be pursued with this major. #neuroscience #neurology #science #higher-education #biology

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3 answers

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Shannon’s Answer

Hi Kaylynn,
Some quick research online resulted in these resources

An example from a college giving an overview as well as example of what students majoring in nuerobiology did after graduating

Also check out this job board to see specifically what types of positions are available that are looking for people with neurobiology experience. Many of the positions are research based so neurobiology may be one of those fields where having a graduate degree in addition to an undergrad degree would put you a step above others.

When you get to your college, contact your guidance counselor as well as a few of the neurobiology professors and ask some questions. Since it is a new major that the university is offering they will be likely to want lots of new students coming in and increase interest in the new program. Your school's website may also have a section for the program where they give an overview and explain what neurobiology students do after graduating.

Good luck!
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Tracy’s Answer

Hello Kaylnn,

Neurobiology/Neuroscience is a wonderful field of study to explore and their are a lot of career options such as:

1. Research
2. Teaching (STEM)
3. Consulting
4. Becoming a physician
5. Scientific Writer

Please note most individuals studying neurobiology/ neuroscience usually obtain advanced degrees such Masters, or PhD.

Here are a few websites that you can review:

Good Luck!
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Vickey’s Answer

I've listed 3 web sites that I found while researching this answer. There are many more to look at. Good luck.

Vickey recommends the following next steps: