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How do I become an engineer

Asked Haslet, Texas

Hi my name is Charlie Bridges and I want to know how to become an engineer. What college would I have to go to. #engineer

4 answers

Tony’s Answer

Updated Plano, Texas

Hello Charlie. Before you even choose your college or branch of engineering to study, take as much math and science as you can before you graduate high school. You will be taking calculus, physics and chemistry in any engineering program, therefore it's important to prepare for those classes. If possible, attend a STEM magnet high school. Also try to intern in an engineering office in order to get a sense of the work that goes on. When you are ready to choose a college, look for one that has ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation for the engineering school or at least the discipline (mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, etc.) you wish to study. It will be hard to find work with a degree from a program that lacks ABET accreditation.

Brian’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California

There are many good engineering schools. The answer really depends on what fits your personality and interests. Some students do well at large universities, others do better at smaller schools. You will be in college for at least four years. Where do you want to live? There are good colleges in big cities, there are good colleges in rural areas. As your get closer to the time when you have to choose a school, gather ideas about what type of engineering you want to study. You do not have to narrow the choice to one type of engineering, you can switch majors after you start college and likely will not have to choose the specific engineering speciality until your second or third year. Try to find a school that feels right to you and offers the courses you need to succeed in the the areas of engineering you feel you might like. There are many good engineering schools, and if your grades are good enough you can switch to a better school or one teaching the specialty that you choose after you get some first-hand experience with what it is like to be in engineering school. There are so many good engineering schools and so many career opportunities in engineering that you really can't go wrong whatever you decide.

Luis D.’s Answer

Updated Puerto Rico

Hi Charlie. That is quite a difficult question to answer because there is no single answer to it. Engineering is one of the most diverse professions that exist. But what every engineer has in common is that they all have to know a lot math, physics, and chemistry, for the most part. The rest of the coursework after all that is pretty much an application of these 3 classes. Be sure to take advantage of high school and put attention to detail. That, I believe, is the key to every engineer. If your school either hosts or attends a STEM event, go to it. Look for Open Houses at the universities.

As for the college well that is even trickier. That is quite a daunting task and depends on your preference. Every college has a unique experience that may or may not fit your goals. You can follow US News College Rankings and they rank universities both overall and based on a specific program so maybe you can start there. That list also ranks universities according to prices (most expensive first) and student aid (including financial)

Angel’s Answer

Updated Fort Myers, Florida

its a lot of College to go if you want become an engineer first you need to know what kind of engine do you want then you need to choose the College i give you some of best College in National USA.


Princeton University Princeton, NJ


Harvard University Cambridge, MA


Yale University New Haven, CT