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Once I graduate college how am i supposed to find a job?

should i find one that fits best for me or one that pays the most #firstjob

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3 answers

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Christian,

The first thing that I would do would be to find a career fair. If your school doesn't have one, then I would look for internships, which are the next easiest way to get a job out of college. For the second part of your question, ALWAYS choose a job that is a better fit for you. If you go the money route, you could be setting yourself up for a miserable experience. The money will come, but it will come a lot faster if you enjoy what you do.


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Adebola’s Answer

You can find a job before you graduate if you network with professionals really well. But if you do wait till your senior year to find a job then you can attend college fairs, conferences, and go to the career center at your school (if you have one). You can also ask any of your professors within your field of study if they are aware of any job opportunities and they just might assist!

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Cassandra’s Answer

Hi Christian,

Finding a job has quite a few elements to consider, and really can be a different experience from individual to individual. With that being said, it may be important to consider your current circumstances, such as what financial obligations you have (rent, car, school loans etc), as well as what your overall goals are. If you are getting a degree within a specialized field, and you are hoping to make a career out of it, I would recommend to seek out a job that aligns with your career goals. If your circumstances have you within a place that you aren't as focused on needing to earn and save a certain amount each month, that can also help influence what steps you may take on your new journey of finding a job. You may want to consider sitting down with a career counselor if your college offers this service, as they can often help you understand your personal situation to guide you to the best fit!