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How do you decide which major to pursue, when you have to decide between two?

I am in my sophomore year in college. I have to make a decision between social working and nursing as a major. #major

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2 answers

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Ms.’s Answer

Hi, Kayla!

As someone who previously thought they would do Nursing and then ended up in SW, I won't have much to share for Nursing but could share my thoughts on SW.

I ultimately stepped away from Nursing because I really did not like my science classes. In fact, science was my least favorite subject growing up! So after a couple semesters of hating my classes, I decided to re-evaluate what it is I really wanted to do. And what did I want to do? Help people! Of course, there are many, many ways to help people so narrowing down my options was a bit of a challenge, but job shadowing and doing informational interviews was an excellent way to help me get to know other helping professions, like SW.

What I love about SW is how broad of a field it is. I can work in many environments (e.g. school, county, hospital, nursing home, nonprofit) and with all populations. The skills I gained as a SWer are transferrable and cross over into other areas. Because I knew I wanted to help people (and do so in different ways), this was a good major for me because it allowed me the freedom to move around.

I would encourage you to get connected with those in the field. Talk with a few nurses and social workers. See what their typical day is like. What do they enjoy? Not enjoy? What are some words of wisdom they have for someone in your boat?

Most importantly, take your time. Don't rush yourself into making a decision. Weigh the pros and cons to each. Talk with those you trust and those who know you well. And remember that just because you make a decision right now and it doesn't work out absolutely does not mean you can't ever return to school or pursue another path. People do that all the time, and it's just a part of life. :)

Best of luck to you!


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Reemaz’s Answer

If i was in your place I would choose the one where i would have the less challenges. For example, i am interested in biology and medicine
But I chose medicine because biologists are struggling to get a job other than being a teacher which is not bad but not the life style that i want. Besides i still work with biology in my major. I also find my self choosing between medicine and music
Once again I chose medicine because i still can work on music and get my self enrolled in music schools in the summer. I hope my experience is helpful to you
wish you the best of luck.