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How do you learn to read faster while still comprehending the information?

I have a very heavy reading workload, on top of a busy work and school schedule. How do I get it done faster without compromising my learning? #reading #student

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3 answers

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Evan’s Answer

What I have learned from my personal studies and academic studies is that in order to comprehend best you have to do a range of things, really. I have struggled with reading my whole life. Something interesting is when Proust talks about what we do when we read something and it all have been empty. He calls it a lacunae.

Honestly, how I got better in reading and comprehension was first start reading and reading widely. Read pieces that were recommended to you, read things that look interesting, and also write. Visualization is remarkable, and being able to associate imagery with your read or build associations too is a great way to own what you read.

Another thing that is amazing is that I tend to read slower depending what I read, that is if I am reading for enjoyment It may take me time to contextualize myself to what I read, since I personally read many books at one time, but when I do, say a reread of White Noise by Don Delillo, I tend to read quicker because the subject matter is very relatable to my background knowledge as reading Richard Rorty's Mirror of Nature is way harder, but not as hard as reading Marx's Capital.

Thus, in conclusion, reading widely building the inner experience that comes from rereading and reading widely will soon have you read more efficiently, but may have you pausing to relish in Longfellow as he creates an extended metaphor of a bearded woodsmen against the moss that grows on a tree.

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zazai’s Answer

I simply reread it. I may also take notes as well. Read the main ideas for each section first. Those are usually written in bold print. Also, read summaries. That will give you an idea of the overall theme/main idea.

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Kara’s Answer

Hi Elisabeth,

One idea that came to mind on understanding information at faster speeds is to try to listen to your readings via an audiobook where you can control the pace in which the book is read (ie. fast, slow, medium). I have actually tried this when trying to get through podcasts on the way to work and listened at the fasted speed which I found has helped me learn how to consume information faster. Might be worth giving a try.

Good luck on your studies!