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Ane Mar 23, 2021 552 views

which course to take for med school?

I'm brazilian but I want to start my studies in Canada to become a doctor, but I don't know which premed to choose.
I am between biology, biomedical sciences and biotechnology. Which of these would be the best choice?
#doctor #medicine #canada
#medical-school #pre-med #premed

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Andrea Jan 19, 2021 398 views

Do I have to be pre-MED in order to be a psychologist?

#healthcare #psychology #psychologist #counseling-psychology

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Jessica Jul 29, 2020 273 views

Why are biomedical engineers important?


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Elisabeth Aug 24, 2018 454 views

How do you learn to read faster while still comprehending the information?

I have a very heavy reading workload, on top of a busy work and school schedule. How do I get it done faster without compromising my learning? #reading #student