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Do I have to be pre-MED in order to be a psychologist?

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2 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Andrea! To be a psychologist you have to go to graduate school and obtain a master's or doctorate (PhD), premed is a concentration for students who want to go to medical school and take certain prerequisites. During your undergrad. be sure to stay in touch with your adviser and make sure you research the graduate programs and what they require so after graduating college you can apply. There are some certain programs where you obtain your Bachelor's and Master's in 5 years, a 3+2 program, where you do your Master's alongside your Bachelor's; you typically apply around junior year to be considered for the program. Obtaining a Master vs obtaining a Doctorate offers different paths and I believe as a Doctorate you have more benefits in the career you choose such as with leadership in doing research. I believe if you have a Master's you work alongside an individual with a PhD.; however there are a variety of careers in psychology, as you also noted my friend is in clinical counseling and is going for her internship soon! I was a psychology major however my concentration was premed since I want to go to medical school. If you want to be a doctor in medicine like MD or DO then you go to medical school and are a premed as an undergrad.

*The link below offers a little more advice about Master's and Doctorate!

I hope this helps!
Best of luck!

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Latoya’s Answer

Hi Andrea,
If you want to be a psychologist you do not need pre-med courses for your bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to be a psychiatrist, and prescribe medication that would be different. A psychologist does not prescribe medication, but a psychiatrist does. You should look into both career options, and what education requirements are needed in order to make the best decision.
Best wishes!

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