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Jadaya Mar 25, 2021 598 views

I want to have a major in Finance, but I was wondering what successful careers I could get out of it.

I'm currently a sophomore #college-majors .

Mira’s Avatar
Mira Mar 18, 2021 462 views

What degree do lawyers typically graduate with?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I took a survey to see what career paths were recommended and law was one. I would like to understand what degree I might need. #career #lawyer

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jan 19, 2021 397 views

Do I have to be pre-MED in order to be a psychologist?

#healthcare #psychology #psychologist #counseling-psychology

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Dec 01, 2020 810 views

Is it realistic to work in business fields with a Psychology degree?

I love studying psychology and find that it can help me move forward into becoming a clinical psychologist or academic counselor after undergrad. I find that a degree in psychology may be pretty versatile and would like to use it to explore careers in business as well. I plan on taking business...