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What is a normal day to day schedule during each year of college?

Asked Waldorf, Maryland

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Kelsey’s Answer


The best thing about college is that it is totally up to you and what you make it! Typically you take 5 courses per semester, that will be once, twice, or three times a week depending on your school, and the length of the classes. With that being said, that leaves a lot of free time during the week and on the weekends. Although a good portion of time will be spent studying, or doing assignments, it is typically not as scheduled of a day as high school is. This is great so that you can choose courses that you're interested in and do activities in your spare time like join clubs, sports, or hang out with friends! However, it also requires better time management, because you still have responsibilities and need to make sure you aren't spending too much time focusing on your social life and not enough time on academic work.