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To what extent has the Finance career changed the economy around us?

Asked San Antonio, Texas

I'm curious about just how powerful Finance could be and how it was improved our economy. #career-paths

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Lashay’s Answer


Hi Eduardo: Great question. For the finance career to change or effect the economy around us, research would have to be involved. Either research in finance career workers or the economy based on majors impact. I would refer you to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to gain clarity on this question:https://data.bls.gov/search/query/results?cx=013738036195919377644%3A6ih0hfrgl50&q=Finance+Majors.

My guess that the Finance career has impacted a lot. From how we spend our household finances to b2b spending/saving habits. Spending effects the growth and development of a city, county, state and country. That effects employment of individuals and qualifications needed. When you say finance career, it's hard to determine what job titles and position of which you speak. For instance, bookkeepers, bankers, and financial researchers are all considered under the finance career umbrella. Research first came to mind for me so I answered from that perspective. Feel free to write back with a more directed question. Hope this helped.