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How do you know for sure what career path is right for you?

Asked Austin, Texas

I am a public health major and there are hundreds of careers I could pursue. How do I narrow my passions down to one career?

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3 answers

Kristen’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, Florida

Dorothy, what a good problem to have! The best way to narrow down career paths is to TRY them - ask to shadow someone in that profession, do an internship over a summer, ask someone to talk about their job over coffee or lunch. I can't tell you how much I learned from sitting at a coffee shop with someone, talking about their job - it ruled out a lot of paths! Nothing compares to actually experiencing them though, so shadow someone or volunteer at a clinic you're interested in. Hope this helps!

Dr. Kristy Taylor,’s Answer


I 100% agree with Kristen's perspective on this. Don't rush yourself, and be open to various opportunities. There are also a number of healthcare specific career tests that you can take to help you find a target area. You can shadow, volunteer, and participate in internship opportunities, and use these experiences to help you narrow down what you are most passionate about.

Julie’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Dorothy, I agree with other responders, you'll probably have lots of different positions over the course of your career so instead of looking for the perfect opportunity, start with something that's even remotely interesting and start gaining experience. Then you'll start figuring out what kinds of roles and responsibilities you enjoy. And this will evolve as you have more experiences. Often we don't even know what jobs are options until we're working somewhere - that was the case for me. And I don't think you'll ever "know for sure" .... that's the fun in having a career... you can always grow and develop yourself and it's likely the job you have 10 years from now is something you never even imagined! Good Luck!