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Amberly Aug 27, 2018 469 views

How do I avoid student debt?

As a chemistry major, all I can think about is the hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm going to spend on college. How, other than scholarships, am I supposed to avoid going into debt when college is extremely unaffordable?

#student #university #teacher #professor #students

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 27, 2018 482 views

How can i make a competitive application for college?

I really want to put my best into my application but im not sure what I need to do or put on the application to put me above over candidates. Is there anything particular I should include on it or work harder on improving? #collegeapplication #competitive

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Aug 28, 2018 519 views

Where is a good place to start when applying for colleges and scholarships?

Money will be an issue for me that is why I'm trying to gauge my options from what schools are offering me, what scholarships I am able to receive and how much I am able to get through FAFSA, which I won't even get to do until at least February. So where do I start with all of this? I'm trying...

Dorothy Deane’s Avatar
Dorothy Deane Aug 29, 2018 496 views

How do you know for sure what career path is right for you?

I am a public health major and there are hundreds of careers I could pursue. How do I narrow my passions down to one career?

#publichealthmajor #career-paths

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Aug 29, 2018 397 views

What major is best to teach high school science?

#high-school #teaching #majors #college-major #science

Vilma’s Avatar
Vilma Jan 16, 2018 667 views

What can you do in high school to make yourself appear more competitive when applying to a pre-me program?

I’m a sophomore in high school and wondering about what I could be doing now to make myself appear a strong and willing candidate for an exceptional pre-med program in college. I have always wanted to go into the medical field, but never sure about what I could be doing to make myself stand out...

Alexi’s Avatar
Alexi Aug 21, 2018 566 views

How do I know if I have chosen the right career path?

In my mind I have so many potential career options but I don't know if i have chosen the one for me #career-paths #career-paths

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Aug 17, 2018 587 views

An an aspiring high school mathematics teacher. what are some tips or activities I could use to engage my students in learning and make it enjoyable and fun instead of sitting in classroom for almost 2 hours?

Mathematics is one of the few subjects students struggle on and I aspire to be the teacher who make math exciting and easy to learn, but I have no clue on how to teach my students specific concepts in order for them to understand it. #mathteacher #educationmajor #highschool #teacher...