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Erica Oct 11, 2018 437 views

Can I work on medical assistant certification during high school?

I really want to be a medical assistant while I’m working on my bachelors degree. I’m a senior in high school with 3 classes and I was just gonna see if I could start on the 9 month program now so that I could start a job next fall? I don’t want an associate degree in medical assisting but just...

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Erica Sep 24, 2018 350 views

What basics do I need to take? I want to be a physician assistant

I am a senior in high school I am doing English 101 and plan on doing English 102 next semester and bio 101 next semester as well. What other basics do I need to take for my science major? Thank you! #basics #science #major

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Erica Sep 18, 2018 415 views

Do dual enrollment and ap count as credit hours?

#dualenrollment #ap #credithours

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Erica Sep 18, 2018 336 views

Can I complete my basics in a summer?

By the end of this year I will have 6 credits for English (1 class per semester) and 3 credits for biology and hopefully if I pass the ap exam 3 credits for statistics. Is it possible for me to finish my basics this summer before August? Which would be when I would start college. I am aware of...

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Erica Aug 27, 2018 456 views

Does it affect my chances of getting accepted if I apply later fall?

I am waiting for my SAT score and to take the ACT so it will be around October before I can get my scores together. Is it gonna affect my chances? #collegeapplications #college

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Erica Aug 27, 2018 487 views

How can i make a competitive application for college?

I really want to put my best into my application but im not sure what I need to do or put on the application to put me above over candidates. Is there anything particular I should include on it or work harder on improving? #collegeapplication #competitive