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What is the best way to adjust to a new environment?

I am a transfer student and I transferred last minute so I am wondering the best way to adjust to a new environment quickly so that I can get settled in and focus on classes as soon as possible #transfer

Hey, Megan! Awesome to meet another transfer! Honestly, when I first transferred, I got involved in as much as I possibly could. I learned about events on campus that where subjects of interest, I found a place where many people congregate and found groups of people on campus that where in a similar boat to myself. I explored every inch of campus during times that I was not studying or attempting to interact with the community. I never was really sure I belonged, but I quickly settled into the routine of a new campus. I would talk with you academic advisor, or an RA if you have one on trying to help you adjust as well. Hope that helps! Ashley H.

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2 answers

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Junnie’s Answer

I think you can’t rush that. Getting use to a new environment is like opening a present, and it is part of excitement of being in a new place. Keep an open mind, be flexible, make friends, enjoy the process, at the same time, spend time with your studies. Good luck!

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Anobella’s Answer

Hi Megan,

I agree with Junnie's advice. As for tangible things to prepare yourself for, I would say famirealize yourself with school's resources even the ones that seem irrelevant at first. Some examples are writing center, EOP office ( first generation and/or low income), transfer events and gatherings.

Stay connected with people but be selective and mindful of where you are putting yourself in. And enjoy the experience. There will be things that you really can not predict, be okay with that. When time comes to make decisions, dont rush your decisions.

All the best :)