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What is the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects of becoming a Speech Language Pathologist? At what point did you know that this career was meant to be.

I am a Speech Language Pathology major seeking for advice about the field. speech language speech Therapist speech # speech-pathology

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2 answers

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Felicia’s Answer

The most challenging and rewarding aspect of becoming an SLP was the dire need for our services in all age groups. While there arepersu clients with simple speech problems, most patients are living longer with medically complex reasons underlying their communication and swallowing difficulties. I knew I wanted to pursue this discipline when I was working with architects who were designing hospitals with large speech and hearing departments to diagnose and treat adults as well as children.

Felicia recommends the following next steps:

Consult the the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook , Health Care Section, Speech Therapy ,for a general overview of the profession.
Find out which nearby colleges offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees in speech pathology.
Arrange a visit to the speech departments of several colleges to see what the coursework and clinical requirements are .
Good Luck!
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Claire’s Answer

Being a speech therapist is truly rewarding because you help people achieve some of the most important human functions - communication and eating. These activities are so important to patients, families, and caregivers. You really feel like you make a big difference. What's challenging is often feeling pulled in so many directions - we often carry large caseloads and it can feel difficult to try to balance that.