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I have job Experience in Nestle Iran and Now I moved to USA and want to continue my career in Marketing and Advertising, I need a coach to help me in this.


After applying for several positions I need a coach to help me who to connect and how to position myself in USA market as a Marketing experienced person.

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5 answers

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Mona’s Answer

Hi Azadeh jan,

Please look into https://www.nipoc.org/ — they hold some great networking virtual events and you may be able to connect with some folks who had to face a similar transition from working in the Iranian market to now US, Canada, etc. We face a unique struggle and challenge so it's great to see others conquer this challenge and perhaps you can identify the path others have taken to pivot their careers when moving. You can also look into http://www.pandsociety.net/.


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Ken’s Answer

Since you have experience working with Nestle in Iran, it could be a good idea to visit the local offices of Nestle and introduce yourself and ask to talk to the marketing people to let them know that you are now in the US and interested in helping them here.

Also, I might help to go to the reference librarian at your local library to locate professional associations to which marketing professionals belong, so that you might be able to introduce yourself and get to know others in the marketing area in the Los Angeles area.

Here are some tips that might help:

Job Hunting Tips:


Job Search Tips


Information Interviewing


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Simeon’s Answer

You'll probably need to grab a degree in marketing to help you out. Try to take what classes you can in community college. You can also use the classes as an opportunity to network with the teachers and fellow students.

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MADERA’s Answer

I understand you are looking for a career coach. But perhaps look for companies in your filed that offer internships. Internships are not only about getting an inside perspective in a field but also about networking to find professional connections that can help you.

MADERA recommends the following next steps:

Look for companies in your field of interest that offer internships.

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Azedah,

If you are looking for career coaching, I recommend joining the Facebook group Job Search Network - Helping Empower Job Seekers to Find Their Next Career.

I am currently a member, and you will get tons of information on how to get into the job market. Networking, will be your key to getting into a good position here in the US, and this group is full of professionals in various industries. Good luck!