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what are some of the pros & cons of being a flight attendant?

I am a sophomore interested in maybe becoming a flight attendant, but i know there are are a lot of cons & some pros... #flight-attendant

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1 answer

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Gary’s Answer

This is a really good question. Here are some big ones:


- Ability to travel a LOT, which is hard to replicate in other careers. In addition to travel for work, you also get free airplane tickets whenever you want to travel for vacation.

- It's fun to be in the air!

- It's a union job, so there are some relatively attractive non-cash benefits you will get.


- Seniority rules apply, which means that you will be at the bottom of the totem pole at the beginning of your career

- You may not be able to decide where you live. After you complete your training, your airline will tell you where openings are available and you'll have to pick from one of those openings.

- Working with rowdy or angry customers is always challenging. If you have a service orientation, you'll be fine, but it's among the more challenging environments for service jobs right now.

- You often have to work on weekends or holidays at the beginning of your career until you accumulate enough seniority to avoid those assignments.

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