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Questions about being a flight attendant

What values does your company look for in a person they are hiring as a flight attendant?

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter a flight attendance?

What are the most effective strategies for a seeking position in flight attendance?

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4 answers

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Wayne’s Answer

As I worked for Alaska Airlines I will make reference to that airline, but most of the US Airlines will have somewhat close to the same basic requirements.
Their web site is:
Basic requirements:
Minimum age of 21 years
A high school diploma or equivalent
2 years’ customer or community service experience
Authorization to work in the U.S. and enter/exit Canada and Mexico
Reach 80 vertical inches (approximately 5’2” in height)
Pass training and swimming test
Ability to represent the brand and live our values with pride and integrity
A love for travel and a tolerance for wacky schedules in the beginning of your career
I will also add the following:
Pass a background check since you have access to the airport/aircraft secure area.
Pass an initial drug check and you will be subject to random drug testing throughout your career.
If you can speak a second language that will be a plus, especially Spanish, but any language will be a plus.
Should be personable, outgoing, quick smile and self confidence.
Must be a "team player" as you will be working as a team as the flight attendant.
Not really sure what they are looking for since I know of one flight attendant who did not pass the initial interview with the commuter airline, but was accepted by the parent airline.
Initial Interview will be as follows.
There will be a group interview and then an individual interview.
You can view more airlines by just typing the airline name followed by jobs.
Best wishes in your endeavors.

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Kathleen’s Answer

After working at two airlines, I can confirm that the process is generally the same throughout the industry.

It is important for a flight attendant to be caring, customer oriented, organized, prepared, and knowledgeable in their job responsibilities. A flight attendant should always put safety first. Remember, a flight attendant is there primarily for safety; to organize an aircraft evacuation in the case of an emergency, put out a fire, give medical assistance, answer questions, and overall keep passengers safe and in their seats at critical stages of flight. The airline's goal is to get customers to their destination safely, on time, per the schedule, and do so gracefully. The flight attendant is the front line service of that product. They should have customer service experience but also just be genuinely kind and willing to be helpful at all times.

To become a flight attendant it is recommended that you gain experience in customer service. Any kind of customer service position where you are face to face with public customers is sufficient to learn about positive and negative customer experiences.

Be prepared to interview individually and in a group. Flight attendant interviews may take several hours. The long day can simulate a long day with crew and passengers and test your flexibility and stamina to be positive, smile, and mingle with other applicants. Always keep a smile on your face and continually chat with other applicants to show your charisma and friendliness. Where business attire, tights, and minimal heels.

All airlines post job openings online. You can go to any airline website and find their career page to see if they are hiring flight attendants. From there you can submit an application. Occasionally, airlines will host career fairs or have booths at career fairs where you can speak to recruiters or the management team. Be sure to have a resume completed and updated.

If you are choosing between airlines look at general history of the airlines, current progress, and airlines bases. Many companies have commuter policies which allow you to live in a city that is outside your base (base: the starting and ending location of every trip on your schedule) however if you can choose an airline with a base closest to your home you will have a much more manageable schedule.

Good luck!
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Kim’s Answer

One of my clients was hired by one of the top airlines.

She had strong customer service experience, self-confidence, the ability to think on her feet, and projected a leadership style of personality - that is, others were drawn to her self-confidence - making them feel confident in her decisions and actions - she was definitely the sort of person you'd want talking to passengers when the plane experienced mechanical problems - because, you don't want a whole plane full of panicky passengers!

Positions in face-to-face customer service, such as fast food, retail, etc. really help to prepare you for all the different types of people you will encounter. I'd recommend positions where you are responsible for the safety of others as well, such as lifeguard. At the appropriate age, even something like bartending, where you have to develop the skill to stop serving someone who has had enough to drink, and do so without them becoming hostile/aggressive.

The unique thing about flight attendant is you can't kick the unruly ones out the door. They are yours for the duration of the flight. So you have to be able to be assertive yet use de-escalation techniques.

Hope this perspective will guide you as you search out good first jobs.

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Paul’s Answer

Hello Sarah,
From my research I found the following:

Flight attendants typically have the following work values:
Consider relationships important. They like to work in a friendly, non-competitive environment. ...
Consider support from their employer important. ...
Consider good working conditions important. ...
Consider independence important.