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How important is getting a college degree if I want to be a flight attendant?

Is it necessary, just helpful, or not helpful at all. College degrees cost a lot of money. #college #aviation #airline-industry #flight-attendant

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4 answers

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Andrei’s Answer

Hello Chris,
I am not a flight attendant, but I know and work with a few. Even though most companies will not require a collage degree for entry level positions, it is still a good idea to have one. I'm sure you have heard "Knowledge is Power".
You can't go wrong with education! The flight attendants that I know, are all highly trained individuals that can deal with any emergencies that may occur in flight, and they all have or recommend a college degree.
Now, I realize that college is expensive, and it may seem like a waste of time now. However in the long run, it will be well worth it. Sooner or later the novelty of serving beverages to a bunch of strangers stuck in a tube wears off, and its at that time that you will really learn the value of having a degree. Most management positions will specify that a degree is required to apply. That additional qualification, gives you flexibility to attain a higher position or change careers. The higher education opens your mind and helps you look at things differently.
I always caution not to make choices based on other peoples successes, but historically I think you will see that individuals with higher education will go further in life. I have been asked "how does your college degree help you in your current position?". The answer is, I don't necessarily use it in my day to day routine, but it has helped me analyze thing better, and it is definitely something that will not limit or hold me back.
Look into a local community college to get your basic requirements done, and then transfer your credits to a more prestigious school for your degree. That way you have a degree from a school that everyone knows or has heard of, but at more of an affordable price.
Good luck!

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Ursula’s Answer

Hi Chris,

Flight attendants may not need a degree but it is really good to have something to fall on in the event the airline industry is experiencing cutbacks and you need another job to get you through. It's possible that down the road you may be offered the opportunity to move up the ladder in the aviation industry and it helps to have a degree in these situations because that is a key element employers look for when promoting employees.

Please keep me informed of your progress, I would be interested to hear how your doing.

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nancy’s Answer

You don't have to have a degree to become a flight attendant. But getting a degree does not hurt and it's a good idea!

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Cindi’s Answer

It's definitely helpful but is not required. I would definitely suggest experience as a server in a sit down restaurant. Almost all airlines require you to be 21 anyway before being hired. I would suggest a minimum of a 2 year degree to show you can complete and get good work experience at the same time.