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Flight Attendant GoJet Airlines
Healthcare Support Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Thomasville, North Carolina
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Chris’s Avatar
Chris Mar 06, 2016 1363 views

How important is getting a college degree if I want to be a flight attendant?

Is it necessary, just helpful, or not helpful at all. College degrees cost a lot of money. #college #aviation #airline-industry #flight-attendant

Sharlene’s Avatar
Sharlene May 07, 2017 1496 views

If I am interested in having a career related to space and ideally NASA, what would be the best approach be as a undergraduate rising junior?

I am already pursuing a degree in the health sciences, and I am interested in pursuing another degree, particularly one related to space. I would like some advice on the best way to pursue this interest. #astronomy #space #academic-advisor #college-professor

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Mar 06, 2016 7600 views

Other than a pilot or flight attendant, what are some other job options in the airline industry?

I'm interested in business and I LOVE to travel, so I'd like to look into the airline industry as a possible career option. I'm just not sure what jobs there are other than on an airline (like pilots and flight attendants). Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you in advance. #aviation...

dustin’s Avatar
dustin Jun 07, 2016 1561 views

Where can I job shadow a airline pilot in Indiana?

I am a student in highschool who has hopes of becoming an airline pilot. I want to learn more about being a airline pilot. #airline-industry #commercial-pilot