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Where can I job shadow a airline pilot in Indiana?

I am a student in highschool who has hopes of becoming an airline pilot. I want to learn more about being a airline pilot. #airline-industry #commercial-pilot

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3 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

While following a pilot around day-to-day is not possible (security), airlines are happy to provide you with information and possibly show you around for a day or more. Since you are in Indiana I'll give you 2 choices:

1) If you live near Chicago, might I suggest United. Have a look at this link: https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/company/career/internships_MBAOpportunites.aspx

2) If you are closer to Indy, might I suggest Republic Airways. Visit their website: www.rjet.com to find their email address.

As Josh said, flying starts at your local airfield. The airlines are the end game. Best of luck to you. We need more like you getting interested in aviation.

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Josh’s Answer

It's not really possible to shadow an airline pilot with all the regulations and security protocols in place today. The best way to learn more about becoming a pilot would be at your local airfield. Many times the flight instructors who work part time are retired airline pilots who would be more than happy to answer your questions. You could even take a "discovery flight" in a small airplane.

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Cindi’s Answer

Contact Republic Airlines in Indianapolis! You can also contact local flight schools in your area.