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What kind of training does a stewardess need to work for an airline?

How long was the training program before you got to start working? Was it hard? I want to become a stewardess and get paid to travel after graduating from high school. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #flight-attendant

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5 answers

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Tamela’s Answer

Hi future stewardess,
I actually have a cousin who works as a stewardess. She has been doing it for over a decade now. Travelling and seeing the world while you work is definetly an attractive perk of this career- I've even envied my cousin for such an experience. However, there are several factors you may want to consider before settling on just this one career path. Although my cousin only has a high school diploma and some college work, she wishes she had stayed in school and made her current job part time so she would have a backup plan in case her circumstances changed--which they did with having a child. Many times, especially during the holidays, she works and is away. Quality time with her family is very.minimal and her schedule is pretty unpredictable. Although the money is relatively generous from her view, she still wishes she had the flexibility of a career versus a job ( her words not mine) because it is not her passion. Initially, the travelling was a positive factor to her job, but after ten plus years of living out of suitcase every week and being older, she admits that it takes its toll. The reality of the decision is to know what you can sacrifice for this type of career. Are you very family oriented? Is spending time with family important- especially during the holidays?
How long do you plan to pursue this career? What will you do after you reached your desired years of service to this career? In other words, do you have a backup plan, which is always nice to have no matter what career path you choose.

It would be beneficial to talk to a stewardess personally and get their insight just to gather more objectivity, but whatever you decide to do, always remember to do what is best for you. Your school and or career counselor at your school would be willing to assist you in this endeavor I'm sure!

Good luck to you--maybe I'll see you on my next flight in a couple of years!

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Mat’s Answer

Most airlines have a comprehensive 6 to 8 week initial training program, which (for most US based carriers) is unpaid! Once you've passed and earned your wings, you'd need to take 1 to 2 day refresher course every 6 months you'd need to pass to remain current.

When applying for any flight attendant position, be sure to look at the "must haves" and other things that may be an advantage for you. For example, int he US, being over 21 is a must have as you would need to be legally able to serve alcohol. However, being able to speak a second language may be an advantage.

Some things airlines look for in an ideal applicant are previous service experience or having worked with people (such as bar work, waiting tables, bank teller, retail, etc). However, if you don't have this kind of work experience, still apply!

Once you're up and flying, it is one of the most rewarding careers!

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Ashaki’s Answer

Like a month and a half

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Gary’s Answer

There are many schools that offer to charge you a lot of money to train you to be a flight attendant. Do not go there, the most valuable asset you have is your can do customer service attitude. When a airline sees this they will hire you and provide you with all the training you need to be successful in your new job. Besides a customer service attitude the only other bonus I can recommend is another language

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Jeffrey’s Answer

Hello Future Flight Attendant,

I knew by the age of eight that I wanted to work for the Air Lines. Even at a young age I enjoyed watching large jets fly across the sky headed for the Grand Rapids airport. A close friend of mine had a sister who applied and was excepted as a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines. After talking with my friend and letting him provide stories of his sister's training program I was hooked on the idea of becoming a flight attendant. I started reading stories and the actual history of Delta Air Lines and remember back in the early 70's there was no internet to find material on any subject. Career's do not always happen over night like we wish they would. After high school I was hired at Henry Ford Hospital and remained for 14 years, I took a leave to join the United States Air Force and finally landed a position with Delta Air Lines. I'll always remain loyal and honest with you, being excepted into the flight attendant program is just the beginning. Six weeks of training in order to graduate as a flight attendant than it's off to your assigned base and into the wild blue friendly sky's. Remember, I told you six weeks of training ... each day you will be given a test from the day's earlier material. On each test you must pass with a 90% or better to continue on with training. Each student is allowed to make up one test in order to pass training. Let's say you land a 88% on your first exam, you are allowed to re-take this exam but you have to pass with a 90% or better. If you pass this exam you will not be allowed to re-take any other test to continue in the class. But, I have faith that you can pass each test with flying colors. You can join study groups, you can form a bond with a body and study one on one together and you always have the aid of the instructors. Remember, all instructors were once in your shoes and they want you to pass this class. I found that it's pretty important to be independent because there will be times when you are on your own to study, or if your called upon to re-act a in-Flight situation in front of the class. Once you graduate you do in fact live out of a suitcase. As a recent graduate you will have the lowest seniority and will be on call for a few years. Everybody has paid there dues, your senority will climb as the years role by. Please take a language in high school because being excepted is very competitive and a language is plus to your advantage. Start thinking about grooming yourself as a flight attendant, look at hair styles, no tatoo's allowed, small amounts of jewelry and your height should match your weight. There are books you can buy regarding how to interview for a flight attendant position. Any information regarding how to become a flight attendant cannot hurt you only help you. Pay close attention to interview questions that you may be asked in your one on one interview. Also, perhaps while you are still in school you could volunteer at a hospital for medical knowledge and experience you could place on your resume. Three words that I cannot stress enough is " Be Your Self." An interviewer has talked to hundreds if not thousands of interested individuals who want to become a flight attend and they have heard every answer anyone could think of. Example, if a passenger hands you a dirty diaper what would you do and how would you handle the situation. Perhaps this question might be asked to you, your pilot informs you that he might have to ditch the plane in the ocean, what will your reaction be? Well, This question was asked to me and this is what I responded, " I am not sure how I would handle this situation, I have been involved in a situation like this before. I was honest with my answer and that answer opened the door to in-Flight. Always be honest and truthful, the person conducting your interview will be thinking, " if she isn't upfront and honest with me than how can I expect her to honest and truthful to fellow crew members,the pilots and the passengers. A couple of hints - try to fly as much h as you can as a passenger to watch the crew members in motion and it might give you a couple of minutes to talk with the flight attendants on board. Continue to gather material on the Air lines you wish to apply with and study that air lines history ... Past, present and future. About all do not become discouraged if you apply to a air lines and you obtain a response of " Not Hirering At This Time." If you want to become a flight attendant then only you can control your career path. If after reading this message you only walk away with one thought ... Remember, being a flight attendant isn't glitter and glamor it is all about the one magic word " Safety." It isn't comfort, food, the movie, the drinks ... it is all about " Safety ... Safety ... Safety." I hope I was a little helpful with your questions and I hope one day we can meet and I hope to see those golden wings on your uniform! Cheers and best of luck as a future flight attendant. - Jeffrey