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Jeffrey Nunes

In-Flight at Delta Air Lines / Retired
Newnan, Georgia
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Ockeem’s Avatar
Ockeem Feb 23, 2017 770 views

Is the military a good place to start your career of becoming a pilot.

I have been presented with the chance of going but i wounder if its a good choice. #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane

Jayleen’s Avatar
Jayleen May 27, 2016 3751 views

Can you make a good living being a flight attendant?

I want to buy a big house and a nice car #airline-industry #flight-attendant

Justine’s Avatar
Justine Mar 08, 2016 1176 views

What kind of training does a stewardess need to work for an airline?

How long was the training program before you got to start working? Was it hard? I want to become a stewardess and get paid to travel after graduating from high school. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation...

David ’s Avatar
David Mar 06, 2016 3549 views

Since flight attendants and pilots are always traveling, how difficult is it to have work/life balance?

How long, on average, are pilots and flight attendants traveling at one time? How hard is it on you and your families to be traveling so often? #aviation #pilot #flight-attendant