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What traits or qualities do you feel are necessary for an elementary school teacher to posess? Or, what are the traits or qualities of some of the best elementary school teachers?

Asked Peyton, Colorado

I'm wondering if there are some stand out qualities that are common among adults who really seem to have an impact on children.
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3 answers

Joe M.’s Answer


first and foremost, we, as teachers, must have love, and appreciation for our youth....please understand this....if you have any reservations, or there lack of love, understanding, and enduring compassion for our youth, do not become a teacher.....we, as a society make the mistake of foregoing the necessary qualities in working, motivating, and inspiring our youth for a miniscule paycheck....if your passion is truly working, understanding, empathizing, motivating, and inspiring our youth through daily positive affirmations, please become a teacher...…….anyone can amass the necessary formal education to become a teacher, academically, however, it takes a true calling to become a qualified teacher in the eyes of our students, the only beings which count in our school subsystems' throughout our country....amen

I completely agree with this. It seems like too often teaching is directed at grades, test scores, and money. The value of learning seems completely lost. I have been inspired by teachers who have impacted me so much, and I hope I can make that same impact on my own students one day! Thank you for your wise words.

Mark’s Answer

Updated Crete, Illinois

Hello Bailey,

This is a great question. My wife is an elementary school teacher, she teaches 5th grade. Some of the traits she has which has made her a success are patience, the ability to listen, organization, compassion, flexibility and a great sense of humor.

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

Best teachers are compassionate to all students, flexible, positive, caring and constantly try to reinforce all of the good characteristics and small accomplishments of their students.  By asking this question, you are likely to be a great teacher!

With every good wish!

Thank you so much! I'm hoping to really impact future students the way teachers have impacted me. I appreciate your response!