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How can I merge a degree in journalism to the pop culture and media field?

These two areas really intrigue me and I would love a way to merge both. #journalism #broadcast-media #communication

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5 answers

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Ffjorren’s Answer

I believe you can truly be creative, and think outside-the-box when it comes to careers. First, think of the aspect of Journalism you're most passionate about (what about it compels you to give it your attention). Then, define "pop culture," from your perspective (that term is pretty broad, so try narrowing it down a bit). Then, think about the "media field," again a bit broad. Once you begin narrowing it down, look for the commonalities between the three, and start tying them together (and, sometimes the career might not be obvious, because it has yet to be pioneered). OR, reverse your track, and think about the differences, the gaps, and how you can bridge them together. From there, you'll find your starting point; and if you're lucky, your destination.

I like to white board my mindstorms...or even write them down on paper. It could be lined, plain, large, small...whatever works for you. Sometimes a sea of post-it notes can act as building blocks...chain them together to find your path. This might seem passe, but I promise it's helpful if you're a visual learner, and/or your eyes are tired of apps and screens.

Someone you might want to follow: Seth Godin @ https://www.sethgodin.com/

Check out "Podcasting is the new blogging" https://seths.blog/2018/10/podcasting-is-the-new-blogging-2/

Good luck!

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Barry’s Answer

Hi, Julia!

The good thing is that just about anything in the world in which you are interested - science, pop culture, sports, etc - is reflected somewhere on TV or online. The keys are 1) narrowing down what exactly you mean by "pop culture," which is a very broad term 2) getting to know the people in your area really well so that you not only know the subject matter, but the necessary people will gravitate to you 3) figure out a way to make yourself unique. What makes YOU and what you bring to pop culture indispensable enough that an employer would say, "I MUST have Julia do this." Remember, there are practically endless YouTube "stars" and personalities out there from whom to choose. How do you cut through the clutter?

That said, there are limitless stories to be told about people in pop culture. The key there is "people." Regardless of the subject matter - sports, mathematicians, singers, etc - ultimately all of journalism is telling stories about people. Therefore, you can merge any subject matter about which you are passionate into a storytelling career. Go tell their stories!!

Best regards,

Barry Abrams

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Tina’s Answer

A great place to start is with a blog. Write about your observations on pop culture and other interests. Be astute and do your research, it will get noticed. A job in public relations either for a PR firm or in a corporate environment is a great way to use your love of writing to put and keep your clients in the public eye. Public relations cross into every imaginable industry: broadcast, film, advertising, marketing, etc.

Tina recommends the following next steps:

Start a blog

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Charles’s Answer

Need some more information here. You’re using some broad terms. In media there are a bunch of aspects from planning, technical, creative, web, sales, business, etc. Each kind of requires different skills and talents. In the broad sense what you’re asking is possible. Just have to think about what specific niche you want to get into.

As a journalist, the field is increasingly seemingly to lose it objectivity it omce had. In a sense becoming more pop culture PR than seeking the truth of matters. But perhaps if enough people with integrity are willing to get back out there, perhaps things can turn around.

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Ken’s Answer

This is something that you can explore as your follow the process that I presented in my answer to your other question.