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I am looking for information about Career Village scholarships. Please direct me to the relevant web page.

Asked South Hadley, Massachusetts

Information from the College Board scholarships list #scholarship directed me to your website.

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Lisa’s Answer

Updated Allentown, Pennsylvania

Hi Shennaz - it's great that you are looking for way to pay for college. Unfortunately, the promo that careervillages was offering to get more students active on their site has ended. The link https://go.careervillage.org/scholarships/ has the info. And since I don't see that you've posted additional questions to the site, it seems you didn't find it. I myself just joined yesterday. I think it's a cool idea, so be sure to tell your friends if they have questions about careers or college to come and post questions.

And maybe careervillage will have another scholarship opportunity in the future. Best of luck! Lisa