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Do you get residency in the state you go to college in after one year?

I want to go out of state for college, but it is really expensive. How long does it take to get residency and that will make my tuition costs in-state right. #college #expensive

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Hallie’s Answer

Hi Logan-- I think it's great that you are considering out-of-state colleges! Unfortunately, in my experience, universities typically make it pretty tough for students to be considered residents to qualify for in-state tuition. For example, my university required that a student must live in the state for 12 consecutive months, be enrolled less than full-time, be registered to vote in the state, have a state driver's license, be employed in the state for at least 30 hours/week, etc. The requirements will vary from place to place, though, so some universities may have less strict guidelines than that. I would recommend taking a look at the registrar websites of the schools. A lot of times, they will lay out the procedure for obtaining residency and qualifying for in-state tuition there. You might also check with the schools' financial aid offices. Many universities offer scholarships or aid specifically for out-of-state students.